Rust and Hard Water Removal

Rust, it’s a corrosive scar, the sight of which is enough to make you sick. Technically, rust is iron oxide and occurs when iron,or a compound containing iron, is exposed to oxygen over a long period. Rust, can stain all exterior masonry, concrete and just about anything else it touches.

To remove rust stains from a wall, concrete driveway or patio, use a stiff wire brush and a hose. Wet the stain with the hose and then brush the stain firmly. If the stain is particularly stubborn, try using vinegar or call the rust removal experts – Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing.

Water stains form on cement when it is exposed to a continuous source of moisture, such as a leaky faucet, a flower pot or iron-rich water from irrigation systems. These stains result from a buildup of minerals found in most untreated water supplies. Mineral stains are difficult to remove using simple soap-and-water techniques but we use the best cleaning agents and high-quality commercial hot water power washing equipment.

Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing is an authorized applicator of Front 9 Restoration products. Our trained personnel use a special rust removal cleaning agent along with our commercial-grade softwashing equipment to put the exact amount of cleaning power behind all problem rust, masonry efflorescence, orange battery acid and iron-rich water stains.

We are the Rust Removal Expert in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. As one of the largest authorized applicators of F9 Barc in the area, we can remove rust from concrete, brick, pavers, tile, stone, stucco, siding, asphalt, plastic and roof shingles. Our trained staff can typically remove 100% of Efflorescence & Calcium Remover, Battery Acid Rust Stains, Irrigation Sprinkler Rust Stains and Metal Dumpster Pad Cleaning.