Soft Washing

Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing isn’t just all about power washing. We make sure that we use the best methods for each specified material. Not every material and cleaner will call for a power washing. In fact, when certain materials are cleaned by power washing, it can cause damage to it. Soft washing allows for those types of materials to be cleaned while not damaging them.

Soft washing involves the application of a cleaning solution to the material being cleaned along with a low-pressure wash. We always use an eco-friendly solution so that it’s never damaging to you, your family, or the environment. Once this cleaning solution is applied it kills all the dangerous particles that tend to grow on your siding and roof. This is different from a normal power washing, which would only take the dangerous particles off and not actually kill them from growing again.

When doing an estimate, we know exactly which materials will need to be soft washed:

These are the common materials that will easily be damaged if cleaned with a power washer. Knowing what to look for will help you to be aware of when you need to get your home’s siding and roof cleaned. Here are some typical signs:

We always use state-of-the-art equipment that accompanies our vehicles full of hot water that can go above 200°C if needed. Our soft washing has been perfected by our certified technicians to be able to clean roofs and siding, making them look new again. Our cleaning of the exterior of your home will help you to not only feel better knowing that you don’t have mold growing all over it, but it will also enhance its curbside appeal. We give free home estimates, call us today!